Pinterest is magical.

Yes, you can use it to find delicious vegan cupcake recipes. Or the inspiration to decorate your dream house, or five… Or to discover the most dazzling blogging and business tips!

But you can also use it to grow your audience, engagement, and profit. By optimizing your Pinterest and utilizing the right strategies, you can drive traffic to your website and skyrocket your email subscribers — or land a new customer or client!


 Here's why Pinterest rocks my socks off... And should rock yours!

Pinterest has 150 million active monthly users

Millennials use Pinterest as much as Instagram

93% of active users said they use Pinterest to plan for purchases

87% of Pinterest users have purchased something because of Pinterest

There are over 75 billion ideas on Pinterest. You can bet your ass your niche fits in.



But there's a catch:

Killing it on Pinterest takes time. And effort. And energy.

A lot of it. And you're busy enough as it is!

You'd much rather focus on creating incredible content for your audience or nurturing your business instead of trying to get your Pinterest game on point.

Feeling like you're wasting your time. Getting frustrated. Trying so damn hard and not really getting anywhere.


Pinterest should be your priority no matter what.

Especially if you're a ...

  • Blogger who wants to gain more traffic, grow your community + subscribers, and get a bigger audience for your mind-blowing content? You KNOW your value and can’t wait to reach the right people so they can benefit from your epic posts.
  • A service-based business owner who wants to showcase your experience, creativity, and the spectacular results you get for your clients? You're passionate about helping more people who need your specific skills to thrive and succeed.
  • A product-based business owner who wants to grab the attention and attract more customers to your irresistible product. You’re excited to reach your target market and help them realize how valuable your offer is.


I know that Pinterest can be a bitch.

If you want to use Pinterest to see the growth and success that you desire, you have to spend hours on Pinterest. You have to pin dozens of quality pins to multiple boards. You have to pin content that gives people what they want with pins that make them click through to your site and stick around.

You're expected to utilize different strategies, key words, SEO, group boards, tribes, scheduling tools, optimize your profile and boards, perfect your descriptions… And keep all of it under control while you’re busy running your blog or business + social life.

You don't understand how some people get such magical results with Pinterest.

You're done wasting your time, patience, and energy trying to take care of it all.

You need someone to kick Pinterest's ass for you.




Are you ready to get serious about Pinterest?

Here's how I can help you.




Enchant My Pinterest Account


Not seeing the results you want? Enchant My Pinterest Account is a service package that will perk up your Pinterest business account with a makeover!

Here’s what you get:

  • A Pinterest makeover!
  • Full review of your Pinterest profile, boards, pins, and analytics
  • Keyword research and strategy to optimize your profile and boards
  • Your profile, boards, and descriptions updated and optimized
  • Irrelevant boards removed or made secret
  • Appropriate boards added and optimized (with 20 pins)
  • Group boards applied to: 10 (This will get your pins seen by thousands!)
  • Pinning checklist 
  • Cheat sheet of your optimal keywords
  • Personalized action plan to help you utilize Pinterest for your needs

Requires a fully set-up business account. One-time service.



Bewitching Business Account Set-Up


The Bewitching Business Account Set-Up is a service package that will get you started on using Pinterest for your website goals. No business account? This package is for you.

Here’s what you get:

  • Full set up of your Pinterest Business account
  • Your website verified and linked to your Pinterest account
  • Pinterest analytics enabled
  • Rich pins enabled 
  • Keyword research and strategy to optimize your profile and boards
  • 1 Pinterest board dedicated for your website with 10 pins added
  • 10 fully optimized Pinterest boards with 20 pins per board (Curating content for your audience showcases your value!)
  • Group boards applied to: 10 (This will get your pins seen by thousands!)
  • If you have a personal account you'd like to convert to a business account, then all irrelevant boards will be removed or made secret
  • Pinning checklist 
  • Cheat sheet of your optimal keywords
  • Personalized action plan to help you utilize Pinterest for your needs

Please note that this is a one-time service. 



Keep My Pinterest Under Your Spell

$349 per month

Keep My Pinterest Under Your Spell is a monthly service package that will keep your business account managed throughout the month for optimal growth and reach.

Here’s what you get:

  • 600 pins per month (20 pins per day)
  • 15 minutes of manual repinning per day (contact for a custom quote if you'd prefer more time spent on manual pinning)
  • Weekly email support
  • Monthly report of your Pinterest Analytics
  • Pinning checklist 
  • Cheat sheet of your optimal keywords

Requires a fully set-up business account.



Yes, these are premium services.

Here's why:


You get a full, hands-on service. You can always reach me by email with any questions or concerns. I'm not delegating tasks to anyone else.

Most importantly: I'm not expecting you to invest in expensive scheduler tools or fancy software.

If you choose to manage your account by yourself after the account makeover or business account set-up, you get a personalized action plan.

That means that you can continue growing your account with a manual pinning strategy.

No other investments needed.


I'm not going to just slap your account together and call it a day.

I spent days perfecting my own account. You deserve the same attention, focus, and devotion. You're building an empire.


Not everyone is suited for these services.

If you want to benefit from Pinterest and see the growth and increase in profit or subscribers, you need to have a strong foundation.

That means utilizing basic SEO for your blog posts and website.

Creating quality content.

Having enticing, pinnable graphics.

(Don't worry, you'll get a pinning checklist to make sure your pins are perfect!)


If you're not serious about your blog or business, I won't be much help to you.

If you are, I can't wait to work with you!

Get in on the magic today!

I'm currently taking inquiries for September and October.

Pick and mix to build the perfect package for your Pinterest needs.

Here are some examples of custom packages: 


1. Business account set-up + monthly management

$748 $560 for the first month (save 25%!)

$349 for the following months


2. Account makeover + monthly management

$598 $479 for the first month (save 20%!)

$349 for the following months


3.  Business account set-up + Tailwind set-up

$499 one-time fee


Need a quick consult? Help setting up your Tailwind account? 

Want to start using affiliate links on Pinterest? 

Get in touch! You can book hours or build a special custom package.



I want to help you grow, succeed, and focus on the fun stuff.

My name is Vivi.

I'm a blogger on vivireverie.com. Hello!

Pinterest is the only platform I’ve been obsessing with ever since I launched my blog only a few months ago. I’ve spent hours and hours learning, taking courses, and researching how to best utilize it for traffic and optimal reach. I’ve also wasted countless of hours on useless strategies and struggling with the trial and error of it all. 

In the past few months, my reach on Pinterest has grown from 0 to 700k+. I recently doubled my page views within one month, and over 80% of my website traffic comes from Pinterest. My email list is only a couple of months old and it has already grown to hundreds… all because of the magic of Pinterest.

I like to call it Pinterest witchcraft!

I'm here to help you grow. Gain an audience that loves you. Profit from your business. 

Removing Pinterest from your daily to-do list will allow you to do focus on the fun stuff! 

Like... Creating killer content for your audience, exploring your wildest ideas, and nurturing your business.

What would you do for your business if you had more time?

Spend time doing more webinars? Create a podcast, a course, or a new product?

I want you to be able to dedicate your time for new adventures that you're passionate about.

Let's work together to make it happen!

How does it work?

Step 1.

Fill out an inquiry form. I'll review it to see if you'd be a good fit for the service and get in touch with any questions within 1-2 business days. 


What does this mean?

To benefit from any Pinterest service, you need a solid foundation on your website. I want you to get the best value for your investment and might make you a custom offer depending on your needs.

Step 2.

I'll send you the service agreement and the invoice.

Step 3.

Once the invoice is paid in full and confirmed, I'll immediately start working my magic on your Pinterest account!

Want results like this with your Pinterest?

My current audience:

Total audience growth:

Impressions my website gets:

Clicks my website gets:

Note that the average number is low due to zero engagement in the beginning.

Your website needs the magic of Pinterest.